Crowdsourcing your party’s playlist.


About Disco

Disco allows party hosts and partygoers nominate music to party queues. Others can boost nominated songs to move them up in the queue. Disco makes it frictionless to crowdsource party music.

I was principally responsible for designing Disco’s interface.

iOS app

The iOS app, used by both hosts and guests.


The web API built for the Disco platform.

Disco’s Design

Disco is centered around a party’s music queue.

The entire experience of Disco is centered around adding songs to a queue and boosting songs already in the queue. By providing a clean, concise interface, Disco makes it easy for both party hosts and guests to collaborate in real time on event music, delivering a frictionless experience and allowing everyone to focus less on the app and more on the party.

Disco screens

I designed the Disco interface with Affinity Designer.

The design process